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The Joy of Walking a Savannah Cat


Staff member
I just thought I would share...

it is 72 degrees here in NJ today and Taj knew it...he stood by the door crying to go out and then went and dug up his leash from the box I keep it in. We went outside and he was in 7th is a bit windy, so he was chasing every leaf that was blowing addition he had many bugs to catch and flies to jump at and snag...

He was just so happy :cat: My neighbors came out when they saw him to pet him and talk to were stopping and people were getting out to see him and pet was quite the scene ;) And Taj loved all the attention!!! He is not 100% healthy and has not been feeling well the past few days, so it was so joyful to watch him be so happy!! he is very gentle and comes when you call his name, so everyone was calling him and he was just love in' it...

One of my neighbors is moving to Cali and said when he moves he wants a cat just like Taj :paw:
What a great story! I had this cute image of a big beautiful servaline rolling around in delight as on goers ooo'ed and aahh'ed. We'll get Nailah to that point soon!
I really love the ticked patterns. Is it a dominant gene? Or does it pop up randomly? I would love to have a beauty like Taj in our family!


Savannah Child
Your very lucky to have a loyal and playful pet like Taj. I hope he is feeling better after his walk today :)

Glad to here its gorgeous over there guys! It is freezing and raining in Sunny Scotland... Joys