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Need gel ASAP for my stepson


Savannah Super Cat
My husbands son who lives with his mother has black DSH. I will start off with saying he was a stray brought in and the family is not well off financially, at least to say they can cover a few tests but not everything under the sun. His symptoms I the past three months have Been extreme weight lose, to the point of feeling ribs, his appetite has declined. He has been very lazy and doesn't move around much. He is about 3 years old. They have also said he whines when you pick him up. Leone has been tested for worms he came back negative.

I am sort of the middle man here, he was a rescue and when it comes to money it will be tough to go through every test. I hope someone could help me send them in the right direction, weave been providing vet care on the financial end but sometimes i wonder what is the right thing to do, he had no symptoms until he went down hill drastically. (also he was up to date on c


Savannah Super Cat
Just asked his son about breathing and it is starting to sound like fip based Jon what I have ready. He has been breathing heavily and now I. Extremely concerened. What can we do to help save his cat?!?


Savannah Super Cat
After talking to him more about it it sort of sounds like diabetes? He does occasionally pant. Sorry it I posted in the wrong area, at first we were a tad bit flustered.

The vet said thry should have him on the food "pedigree" ( at least that's what his son is telli g us from what he knows) he is from small town area and at this point I am Sketchy in the vets out there.

We need some direction as to what to do. Whether its suggestions for diseases or if we find them another vet. The kitty is currently 4 hours away and I wouldn't want to have to bring him out this way if we could give suggestions to this "small town vet" ( not kidding when I say small town either it's far from everywhere)
I'm at a complete loss for suggestions to give him right now, this is the first we heard about this issue, besides the 3 year old wetting in the wrong places


Savannah Super Cat
Marissa, the cat needs a vet ASAP! Whether he was a rescue or purebred, doesnt matter...mine are all treated the same.

He probably has diabetes and needs medication. No food is going to cure cure this.
This. I don't have much experiences with diabetes in cats, but my mom's catahoula had diabetes and had to get injections twice a day. Paige is right, no food is going to cure this.


Savannah Super Cat
Well I'm going to recommend that to them, they just don't want to go testing for a bunch of things if it can be narrowed down at first. That's all I was asking really if maybe something stuck out with his symptoms.