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How much to feed as they grow


Savannah Super Cat
My % might be off a little but not by much.
I've read that you should feed your cat 2-3 % of his weight. Kittens up to 10% of their adult weight.
My question is when do you start to transition from 10% downwards to the 2-3%

Simba is 8 months old and about 10lbs
He is on a raw diet and eating 10-12 oz daily.
Also Savannah's adult weight can very by as much as 10lbs


Savannah Super Cat
I've never been one for formulas and calculations (except when it comes to medications). My rule of thumb is to let them eat as much as they want. If Simba is licking the bowl clean I would offer a little more and continue to do so until he is no longer interested.
He gets fed 6 oz twice a day. He eats half of it and goes and plays for up to 30 min and than goes back and finishes the rest. Sometimes he leaves a little.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Trying out tapatalk and working on thumbnails. Does he look fat to anyone? He ate 12 oz of food today
I think he looks a good weight. I'm like Patti and simply feed them as much as they want to eat... the only chubby cat I have is my Brit and he's pretty much supposed to look that way. The Savannahs may tend to eat more than most cats I think because they burn so much of energy with all their daily activities!