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Home Made Pellet Litter Box

I don't think I saw a tutorial on this yet. Here is how I make my pellet litter boxes for Sorte. The largest regular litter boxes I could find were not big enough for him, so I had to find a solution that allowed for more room for him while having the ability to save pellets while still keeping the box clean. The ones online run between $20-40 and I wasn't going to pay that when he needs at least 3 boxes in the house, I might get one more as he is a picky guy, LOL!

First I bought a 10 gallon Rubbermaid at Wally World for $8 I believe it was. Then, I sized up a drill bit that was the same size as the pellets or just a tad bigger (it's not likely that whole pellets are going to fall through if the holes are just a bit bigger). I then spent about 20 minutes drilling away at the bottom of the box. This allows for the sawdust created after a bathroom visit to fall through the bottom with a few shakes and tipping it from one side to the other.
Then I took the lid for the box right side up and I placed a few colorful thumb tacks to hold the box up from sitting directly on the lid. If it is sitting directly on the lid the pee spreads along the bottom and soaks up more pellets than needed.
Here is Sorte letting me know what he thinks about the finished product. :) I try to keep a layer of pellets just big enough to cover about an inch off the bottom. If there is too many pellets it becomes much harder to sift the sawdust out as it just get caught in the pellets instead of falling to the bottom.

It's very easy to make and definitely worth the half an hour of work to finish one. ;)
I would assume so as long as you cut a hole for them to walk into. I didn't try those because they seemed too tall. But, then again he does fine with his boxes and I know that other cats may need more of a wall for either privacy or because their aim is not too good... LOL! :)
Glad I could spread the word! :) I bet it will work out just fine for you Paige. Plus it is soooooo much cheaper to use pellets in comparison to clumping litter. Plus IMO its easier to deal with.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I have a question...the holes then run onto the pee runs through the pellets onto the lid? Is there an absorbent pad there or do you then have a puddle of pee (what wasn't absorbed by the wood as it ran through) sitting on that lid until it dries? I like the sieving idea but wondering about the urine puddles at the bottom...
For a short amount of time there may be a puddle, but if you shake the box after a bit to let the sawdust come through, it all gets absorbed. I'm sure you could place something else under there to absorb what leaks through also though.
OK then! Just trying to work out the dynamics. There is that Breeze litterbox system that has something like a puppy pee pad underneath the non-absorbent pellets...maybe that would work... interesting.
Most of the time you just worry about that after the first pee. Once there is already a layer of sawdust on the bottom it does a good job of soaking up future visits. :) But, yes those puppy pads would also work.