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Eating Random Things



This morning I found that Kronos had hacked up TWO hair ties! How on earth...?!? I freaked out a bit because that could have caused a very serious blockage.

Do your cats eat random things? Solo only tries to eat string/ribbon but I swear Kronos wants to eat plastic and garbage and anything. Luckily he doesn't want to eat cables and cords haha.
Thank goodness- only one of my girls does this and that's JillyBean and yes, she is a fanatic for hair ties. Like- insane crazy and will hunt them down :( Have to keep them locked up and put up!


Staff member
Wow - I am lucky - mine don't do any of that...but I don't have hair ties or they probably would ;) I try to keep everything out of reach...but we are human, after all, and do forget...


I can't even think where the hair ties were is the weird thing! Its like he opened the drawer I keep them in, ate them, and closed the drawer.... but I can only guess that he probably found them on the floor, I must have dropped them. Normally I am very good about keeping things like that put away which is why I was so shocked!


Savannah Super Cat
Chuju eats threads. Any threads. Then he will puke them out on the floor. So much fun. I cannot eliminate all threads in the house, so when I see him do it, I just tell him no. Razi chews on all my wood furniture. It is all wasted. Oh well.


Staff member
Oh, yes, dental floss is the one thing mine will attack and eat if they have the chance...thanks for that, Kristine.
Dental floss almost killed my F1 - she swallowed a length of floss - it got wrapped around the back of her tongue and the rest kept going. It bunched up the bowel which perforated in 19 different places. The surgeon had to cut out all but one foot of small bowel and it was touch and go for days whether or not she would survive, but amazingly she recovered completely... except now when she gets stressed she has explosive diarrhea...